Frequently Asked Question


Joining the Adscpm Network is quick and easy and you can be up and running in minutes Just click here

All advertising campaign will be approved within 4 hours.

Minimum cost for each Impression is 0.001.

Minimum amount to deposit is 10 USD.

The Advertiser can pay via Paypal , Payza Formal(Alertpay).

You can target on Traffic by GEO, Operating Systems and Categories with Real Time Tracking System. Brandsafe Defencing System.

we provides real-time reporting and analytics. This means you can access all the up-to-date information to fine tune your site to maximize your revenue-generating possibilities.

Yes, you can Refund your remaing funds anytime you want on request. Refund fees 3$.


Joining the Adscpm Network is quick and easy and you can be up and running in minutes Just click here

If we are in the working hours it will take less than one hour, but outside working hours, in weekends or in holidays it may take up to 12 hours.

First Check your Site is Approved . If your site is Approved Then Check your code is fine .if all fine but not working then Contact us.

Rates are fully dynamic and depend on many factors like: Advertiser Bids, visitors country, your website quality and niche and even day of the week and time of the day.

If you send a Bot Traffic like (jiggling) , Proxy Traffic , Adult Traffic Or if you use our direct Link and send traffic any Direct method so your site is Suspended. We also not Allowed Adult Content Sites.

our popunder code opens the popunder when user clicks anywhere on your site. Our system bypasses nearly all popup blockers. but some time its not open like adblock plus bloack every thing related to ads.

We are currently Work on PayPal, Alertpay. Master Card (Payoneer).

It is only $5.00 for PayPal and Payza. For Payoneer it is $20.

As often as you want! You can request your payment anytime you want if you have reached the minimum withdrawal limit. Withdrawal requests are processed Hourly/Daily.


Yes, if you refer a publisher to us, you will get 10% of his earnings. If you refer an advertiser, you will get 10% of his spending's.